GaiaYoga Gardens

Aloha!  Welcome to the GaiaYoga® website.  We want to achieve two goals here: One, share the Vision/Teaching of GaiaYoga with the world.  And two, attract people to GaiaYoga Gardens Intentional Community, where we are pioneering GaiaYoga Culture.

March Immersion Graduation Into Intentional Community

Graduates, teachers, and family at the March, 2017, Immersion graduation!

GaiaYoga® is the art and wisdom of living holistically, unifying Spirit, self, community, and Earth.

It is a Holistic Tantric Yoga that weaves together holistic intimacy and sexuality; multi-generational tribal community; nature-based diet; sustainable/regenerative living; aboriginal consciousness; transcendental realization;  communal co-parenting; healthy family systems; conscious communication; plain ‘ol fun, and more!

GaiaYoga Culture is a thriving, holistically-designed culture, that sustainably generates True Human Freedom.  

Cultures are a combination of practices that emerge out of underlying cultural consciousness.  We’ve spent over 25 years developing this cultural consciousness and refining our practices.  We’re not done, but we’re confident about our foundation and want to grow it.

GaiaYoga Gardens is a sanctuary.  It is a nature-based tribal-family community; a Hawaiian Permaculture homestead and tropical food forest; a holistic health and healing center; and a home that is devoted to cultivating and enjoying a truly free culture and consciousness.

Beyond being a home and homeland, our prayer is that our community can serve as an inspirational and practical model for sane, sustainable and joyful human life.  We’re in the Puna district on the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii.  We want to find more individuals, couples and families to join us here in co-creating and enjoying a sustainable-and-holistic culture and intentional community.

We hope you find grounded inspiration and clarity here.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested in participating in our 16-day immersion experience, in visiting us short-term, in exploring the possibility of creating your home at GYG, or in ordering books, CDs, homesteading tools or other products.  And please let us know if you just have some questions or comments.