GaiaYoga Products For Sale



$18 –  True Human Freedom, 2016 (paperback, autographed, w/shipping)

$10 – True Human Freedom, 2016 (ebook .epub)

$10 – True Human Freedom, 2016 (ebook .mobi)

$15 –  Instinctive Eating: The Lost Knowledge of Optimum Nutrition, 1996 (paperback, autographed, w/shipping)

The truth about food underlying every other approach to diet on the planet!  Before there was vegetarianism, veganism, Aryuvedic diets, The Primal Diet, ethnic diets, grain-based diets, and every other man-made approach to eating food there was (and still is) Instinctive Eating.  End the confusion around diet once and for all.  Find out how our biology is inherently designed to interact with food.  Just like every other animal knows how to eat naturally without a diet or recipe book, humans can too!

$6 –  An Introduction to GaiaYoga, 2001 (booklet, autographed, w/shipping)

$5 –  An Introduction to GaiaYoga, 2001 (.PDF)

The original articulation of the GaiaYoga vision and teaching.  Some of this material is re-expressed in True Human Freedom, but a lot of the GaiaYoga teaching is only in this book.

$25 –  Transplant-Shock Therapy:  The Poetic Pilgrimage of a Suburban Refugee, 2016 (paperback, autographed, w/shipping)

The complete collection of song lyrics written by Ano for the band Nagdeo, spanning from 1987 to 2016.  More than 100 songs.  Also includes a handful of poems that aren’t set to music.



$12 –  Nagdeo: Living The Dream(s), 2013 (10 song CD, w/shipping)

$10 –  Nagdeo: Living The Dream(s), 2013 (10 song MP3s)

Nagdeo means “that which supports good dreaming,” taken from the novel we have people read when they do an immersion at GYG, The Kin of Ata Are Waiting For You, by Dorothy Bryant.  Nagdeo is a progressive, shamanic, folk rock band headed up by Ano.  Money-back guarantee if you don’t like it!  Check it out with no financial risk:-)


$35 –  All 3 GaiaYoga teaching books (paperback, w/shipping)




$45 –  GaiaYoga teaching books and 1st Nagdeo CD  (w/shipping)

$65 –  All GaiaYoga & Nagdeo Published Works  (w/shipping)