GaiaYoga Vision/Teaching

If you plant an apple seed you get an apple tree.  If you plant a redwood seed you get a redwood tree.  A seed or design contains the information and pattern that, when given the spark of life and a fertile situation to grow, does its best to manifest that information in-and-as life.  Different lifeforms are expressions of different seeds and of different forms of consciousness.  The same is true of human culture, human lifestyles, human consciousness, businesses, communities, families, spiritual approaches, etc.  The “seed” in this case is called a meme (or social agreements, by-laws, dharma, etc.), but it has the same function and effect.  The information or consciousness of the meme is expressed into life given a fertile situation and indeed it defines our life experience.  The world we see (and how we see it) is caused by what is in the seed/meme.

The problems in life come from the seed. The human world is just a symptom of the consciousness (or lack there of) in our cultural memes.  Change the seed (and then take care of the new growth) and you change the world (and our enjoyment of it!)  This is the intent behind GaiaYoga.  The “design” of our lives must be in alignment with our primal humanity, or rich social nature, the natural world and Spirit.  If it’s not we will suffer that design. If it is, we will enjoy it.  GaiaYoga Consciousness is a well-designed seed that can sustainably produce the results we long for and have been lacking for reasons we couldn’t explain.  Recurring problems are not accidents or personal attacks, they are an expression of a flawed design or, to be more precise, of being out of alignment with the already existing natural design of humanity.  The seed is here, let’s grow it!

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